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Fitness Kickboxing in Puyallup

Fitness Kickboxing and High Interval Training is the biggest trend right now for good reason. You can burn over 700 calories per hour in a workout that is fun.  People love to put on the gloves and beat on the bags.  This class is great stress relief and you can get into the best shape of your life doing a workout that is enjoyable.

Everyone wants to get in shape right now and be able to look into the mirror and see a thinner more fit version of themselves.  The #1 reason for not working out is that most do not know where to start and are not able to push themselves. Our motivating instructors are here to direct you and push you towards reaching your goals and helping you become a better leaner stronger you.

This Fitness Kickboxing class is designed for beginners with no experience, if you want to lose weight, build strength and feel more confident or just have fun we will help you reach these goals in a short amount of time

Get in shape for Summer Now!
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