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Krav Maga Official Training Center
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Krav Maga is the Official training System of the IDF special forces and is taught to police departments and security firms all over the world. The system is based on the practical techniques that work under stress against a real would be attacker. Our training drills and methods along with these easy to learn techniques are what makes training in the system a unique experience and the reason our practitioners develop their skill sets for street defense so quickly.

Krav Maga Orientation Class

Try our 1 Hour Krav Maga class this week!  You will be introduced into the system and is basic movements and concepts.

This class is for both men and women who are trying Krav Maga for the first time.  This is a hands on class, you will need to wear workout cloths to attend as in a gym environment.  Come and try your first KM self defense class at the Puyallup South Hill Location and experience what it is all about.


Space is limited.  We only have 5 spaces each night we open for first time attendees.  The class starts at 7:15 and we ask that you arrive at 7:00.  We will meet with you after the class to discuss the program material, your goals, the KM class schedule and program cost.  We look forward to having you try a class with us!

Reality Based Self Defense and  Fighting System
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Krav Maga is a very easy to learn as it is a Martial Arts System  a martial art. The training methods and drills we use make it it easy to learn for the non athlete, the person in shape and out of shape both young and old. We have designed drills to make the class an exciting way to learn realistic self defense. 


The Puyallup location is the only KM certified Martial Arts Center in the area, bringing Krav Maga and Martial Arts to the Puyallup area for 15 years.

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Train to be Fit, Train to be Safe
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The no nonsense approach to self defense

Many benefit from our cutting edge reality based defense system but another value of training Krav Maga are the physical fitness results you can achieve with this intense workout that is built into the class structure.  Every class is fast paced and fun.  Training with us will help you get into the best shape of your life and help you stay in great shape while having fun and developing self protection and fighting skills.