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Our Children's Martial Arts program will help your child develop  confidence, discipline and respect while having fun with our "Modern Martial Arts System"  Kids in this program have a blast while learning. This class is for ages 7-11

Jiu Jitsu for kids

Jiu jitsu for Kids
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New Jiu jitsu and self defense classes for Kids ages 4-11.  This is a great way for your child to develop confidence, coordination, fitness and self discipline all while having fun and learning self defense.   Classes are taught in a fun, safe and disciplined setting.  Start your trial program and see how we can help your child set goals and reach them.

How do i get started

This program is open to children ages 7 to 11.  Our trial program consist of a private lesson and a group class and is the best way to for you to evaluate how your child will do in a class setting.  The first trail class we will teach your child the basic fundamental movements that will help them fit right into our beginners classes held weekly.  At your childs second class they will be able to join right in and start their journey in Jiu jitsu learning techniques and making friends with their class mates.  

Bully Defense Training

Your child will develop skill that will help them be successful in life such as, confidence, self discipline, respect and courtesy for others.  We also have our bully defense program built into the weekly lessons teaching children how to protect themselves.  

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