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Cancellation Request Procedures
Term Memberships

Dear Member here are the procedures to submit a cancellation request for your Krav Maga Term Membership. 


Step 1.   Please review your memberships cancellation policy as written on your copy.   If your membership is a                    "Twelve (12) month term membership", it was sold to you at a substantial discount and cancelation                             requirements must be fulfilled prior to cancellation. 



Early termination of agreement.

A.  If you move 25 miles away from the Facility or already live 25 miles away and move an additional 5 miles your membership can be canceled with proof of move. 


B.  If you are unable to participate in martial arts training due to a permeant disability, please submit a letter from your physician who states you are preeminently disabled, your membership will be immediately canceled.  Please note that a permanent disability and temporary inability to participate are not the same.  Temporary inability to participate does not relieve you of your contractual agreement in which case the balance of membership is still due.   In the case of Temporary inability to participate the center can extend your term with "free time" at the end of your membership term if you had to take time off.

C.  If you choose to use the "buy out" option in your membership, please refer to your membership for exact details and feel free to contact us on how to initiate buy-out.

Sept 2.  Send an email to our address stating the reason for your cancellation request along with "proof of move" or a doctors letter stating your permanent disability.  

Important.   You must email the center regarding your request as we need your request in writing for our records and to be able to serve you.  Voice mails and text will only be responded to with a link to this page.


Our Email.

We have enjoyed having you train with us.

The Staff

                                                                           Train Hard Go Home Safe

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