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    The Elite Mixed Martial Arts System is a complete mixed martial arts system. Many individuals who train in MMA will go to a kickboxing coach to learn striking, a wrestling coach to learn takedowns, and a Jiu-jitsu coach to learn submissons. Then the practitioner must blend the systems and more importantly modify them to work in an MMA scenerio under MMA rules. The Elite MMA System is a complete system and was developed for modern day competition the world of mixed martial arts fighting.                    
    Getting started is simple, Try on of our Level 1 trial classes and experiance the program first hand. After this you will meet with a staff member who will review your session with you and recommend a startup program best to suit your needs and schedule. The cost of the trial class is $10 and includes a pair of Kickboxing MMA handwraps.

    Call one of our staff members today at 253-848-5425 or fill out the form below to receive more information on how to get started. 

  • Kickboxing and MMA

    The techniques of Jiu jitsu were developed while wearing a gi. Because of this many BJJ techniques require the use of the gi to perform their techniques properly. Today in nearly all MMA competitions in the United States the gi is not worn.  Techniques in the Elite MMA System are designed so the practitioner could maintain position, escape position and apply submissions all without the use of the gi. This would also be the case in most "street defense" encounters.