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    Martial Arts is great for children.  It gives them a fun way to exercise and helps them learn life skills such as self-discipline, courtesy and respect for others all will making themselves stronger and safer.  Our Classes are fun and taught in a safe and structured program.  Our classes are separated by age and level of ability so your child will fit right in as a new student and begin their Journey towards Black Belt Excellence.
    We offer a unique children's with our Elite Krav Maga and MMA for Kids training and our child abduction prevention courses.  These programs are taught by the finest most qualified instructors in the area.  Our Kids Martial arts programs will have a positive impact on your child as they learn life skills and self defense.
    Classes are available from ages 5 and older.  If you would like to schedule a Free Trial Class for your child, call the center or fill out the contact form on this page and we will contact you at our first opportunity and we will schedule your child's first beginner level class. we would like to have the opportunity to show you the programs and program options we offer.

  • Kids Black Belt Training Programs Puyallup

     Our Marital arts programs are designed to help your child develop life skills while learning to defend themselves and getting in shape.  Our 7-11 Kids Martial Arts Program consist of fun drills and techniques from several Systems.   Kickboxing and Karate Technique to teach them how to kick and punch,  Krav Maga for kids and our SafeKids program to help them stay safe and learn escape skills, MMA for kids to teach them grappling technique.   Classes are fun and safe.  Our instructors have years in training how to work with children and to help your child reach their goals.