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  • The Elite Training Facility

    At The Elite Martial Arts Puyallup Center we have programs and training systems that are based in real world self defence.  Kickboxing, Krav Maga and MMA submission Grappling.  If your are looking for personal protection, self defense, to get fit or just for a great activity for kids, we have a program for you.  Our classes are broken into seperate childrens and adult classes and then by level of ability.  We are a family orienated center and look forward to your visit

  • Instructors

    Instructors at Elite Martial Arts are not only experts in martial arts systems, but are trained how to effectively pass on knowledge. All instructors have been certified and have a high level of expertice in our martial arts systems.

    The children's Instructors are professionally trained to motivate students with positive reinforcement, and assist in achievement of their goals. Adult program instructors are certified Through Krav Maga Worldwide and in the Elite Mixed Martial Arts System.

    Our goal is to positively impact our community through training in martial arts. We believe in and teaching our students the rewards of having a positive attitude, discipline, health, safety, responsibility, humility and respect.